Shawn K. Dodds

Shawn Dodds

shawn at dodds1 dot com


A position developing or managing the development of internetworking tools, dynamic Web sites and Web-based applications.


Extensive experience in developing innovative software tools and applications using ColdFusion, Javascript, 'C', Perl, DHTML, Java and Informix.  Recently acted as architect on the core of a complex web-based network customer provisioning application.  Excellent design, analytical and problem-solving skills, as well as experience as a technical leader/mentor, and in customer support and training presentations to users. 

Technical Proficiencies

Operating Systems:  Windows NT/2000, Windows 9x, XP, Solaris, AIX, Linux

Web Server Setup and Configuration:  Apache, IIS, Netscape Enterprise/iPlanet


Perl, ColdFusion (CFML & CFScript), JavaScript, SQL, 'C', ASP, PHP, HTML, XML, Java, C++, Shell script, Visual Basic

Databases: Informix, Oracle, MS Access

Tools:  Adobe Photoshop, Visio, Frontpage, Dreamweaver, Flash, Coldfusion Studio, XML Spy, CorelDraw

Professional Experience:

2004 -present, Avid Technology, Inc.

    Principal Software Engineer and Team Lead - SW Tools and Release Engineering

1998 -2003, Senior Technical Consultant/Contractor

    Contractor – Genuity, Inc.

·         Coordinated and managed major move of MIS applications and databases from individual systems to load-balanced fault tolerant architectures, resulting in 25% reduction in transaction time and perceived 100% uptime for database.

·         Provided problem analysis and mentoring to the group in the areas of HTML, Javascript, DHTML, ColdFusion, Perl, Networking and Solaris.

·         Developed Empirix E-Test scripts for regression testing and performance analysis of web application, and developed other performance analysis tools to find bottlenecks and reduce or eliminate them.

·         Reduced downtime required for application maintenance by 90% and also improved the stability of the application by creating an innovative ColdFusion/Unix shared-memory data cache using C/C++.

·         Modified static Javascript menu and hierarchical tree scripts to be database and event driven, resulting in better multi-browser support and 20% increase in application performance.

·         Spearheaded and prototyped migration of legacy character-based database interface to a broadly accessible 3-tiered dynamic ColdFusion/Javascript/DHTML intranet interface.  Acted as architect for the core ‘engine’ of the application.

·         Developed SOAP/XML interface using Perl Soap::lite to aid in inter-departmental process data flow.

·         Evaluated Coldfusion, JSP, ASP and PHP to recommend an application server technology for legacy application migration.

·         Developed a set of Perl programs using Expect to automate real-time replication of production Informix database to a remote contingency database.

·         Assisted in Informix database administration, and initiated tool development for Informix 7-to-Oracle 8 migration to save company $100,000/yr.

·         Developed numerous Perl programs to analyze usage and improve integrity of customer provisioning management system as well as performing activities to insure Y2K forward compliance on the system.

·         Developed configuration management and deployment system in Perl/DBI and RCS to build releases, maintain source code, control procedures and install/uninstall items, using Informix as the configuration repository.

    Consultant – ITT Sheraton

·         Designed and implemented distributed multi-platform system in Perl and 'C' to manage, download and purge reservation files at international hotels using private WAN, thereby reducing remote storage needs and remote system upgrade costs.

    Consultant – JFK Hospital, Edison, NJ

·         Designed and implemented Web-based internet and intranet policy and procedure document server using IIS and ASP.

·         Designed and implemented a high-volume process to convert a health system's policy and procedure documents into HTML for Windows NT based intranet server. Created a Microsoft Access/VB based triggering system to notify departments when specific documents are due for review.

1996-2002, Vikor, Inc., Lowell, MA

 (Note: This occurred in parallel with being a full-time offsite contractor.)

Director of MIS

·         Managed equipment specifications and purchase, PC building and maintenance.

·         Managed all network/system administration and problem analysis.

·         Installed and managed firewall appliance and anti-virus central server and managed licensing compliance.

·         Managed the creation of an integrated local/remote office networked infrastructure (email, fileserver, network management) based on Microsoft NT 4.0 networking and office products, as well as managing connection to internet.

·         Created content/graphics and managed the corporate web servers for Mehta Corporation and Vikor, Inc.

1991-1996, Bull HN, Billerica, MA

Computer Engineer - Zenith Data Systems Server Division

·        Developed and maintained intranet documentation server in CGI/Perl.

·        Created and executed system certification procedures and benchmarks.

Computer Engineer - UNIX Technical Support Group

·         Guided Bull's international Internet presence as a member of the Groupe Bull Internet Editorial Board.

·         Designed and implemented Bull's first web server, a multi-organization server for support of field and resellers, with problem search and fix download features. (CGI/Perl/C)

·         Developed a multi-protocol network-based worldwide delivery system for fixes.

·         Designed, developed and delivered OSI stack and product training to Bull international field support organizations and IBM Networking Systems Lab, as part of a multi-organizational multi-national team.

·         Certified and maintained AIX performance measurement analysis tool written in Visual Basic.

Software Engineer - Interoperability Certification Group

·         Designed and developed a certification strategy and initiated the design of automated interoperability and regression tests.

·         Created software repository management database, forms and reports using Informix.

·         Streamlined the departmental appropriation and purchase process.

Other Relevant Work Experience

Senior Software Engineer – Wang - OS/Communications QA Group

·         Ported networking test tools to multiple Unix platforms.

·         Accelerated test schedule for TCP/IP and OSI stack by developing test tools.

·         Decreased test tool development time through analysis and tool development.

·         Created tools to automate OS patch creation and application.

Principal Software Engineer – VideoTel - Networking Group

·         Improved network efficiency and speed 25% through firmware changes and enhanced networking drivers

·         Improved field installation time and reliability by writing diagnostic and analysis tools.

Senior Applications Engineer – GenRad - Support Group

·         Performed technical presentations at Users Groups on advanced use of the system.

·         Provided technical support to customers in the use of operating system and utilities.

·         Developed simulation/analysis tools to aid in feasibility studies.

·         Developed customized source control system.

·         Automated test program generation by writing CASE tools.


Extra-Professional and other Current Activities: